We have developed an online Problem Solving tool that we deliver as a fixed price service.  It is delivered over the Internet in 6 secure video teleconferencing sessions using our experienced World Class Problem Solving facilitators.  We follow a process that allows the team members to properly identify the problem and identify its root cause.  Then we guide them to collect the data that they need to characterize the problem properly.  The key here is that they have to find a solution with the targeted high ROI.  They present their solution to their CEO and problem champion and they track the projected benefit over a year.  After all, we are invested in the project as well.


This training is also delivered as a fixed price service.  Our Senior Partners serve as the Executive Trainers and work with the client Executive Team on how to apply our World Class Problem Solving approaches to their business.   This training is done in a group setting.  We encourage Executives to bring their problems to these sessions so that we can help them break them down using our approach.  This approach to problem solving has served science for centuries, since Galileo first followed the basic principles of this paradigm.  Ideas are captured in our Internet program and monitored through implementation.  It is highly interactive and challenging.


This training is delivered as a monthly service with a minimum 6 month commitment.  We provide coaching to C-level executives to help them solve problems, drive results while improving their businesses.  We coach them on how to apply the Scientific Paradigm principles and the fundamentals of 5/67 Problem Solving in the context of their daily routine and manage their staffs.  Old habits die hard.  These meetings are usually a series of one-on-one meetings to help the Executives learn the key concepts of sound business management and problem-solving geared towards improving business results.  It is not an overnight process and the end result is a highly focused Executive.