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We are a World Class Problem Solving business.  We focus on making money for our client companies by guiding them to think in terms of high ROI solutions to their problems.  By high ROI, we mean ideas with at least 50 to 1 ROI but our ideal target is 100 to 1 ROI.  In other words, we don’t think that it is acceptable to “just solve the problem.”  You need to think in terms of “High ROI” on every problem solved.

We work with our client “problem solving teams” to understand the basics of problem solving in the context of the Scientific Paradigm.  The Scientific Paradigm gives us a time tested process that we use to guide our client problem solving teams to highly profitable solutions.





CRAIG HUMPHREYS                                  LEN BERTAIN, PH.D.

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The 5/67 Problem Solving approach uses the Scientific Paradigm.  This focus requires a clear definition of a problem and a steadfast commitment to obtain all data that is relevant to the problem.

Analysis prior to a good Definition and Measurement phase is just Guessing and Hoping (i.e. Intuition).

This process began as a training program about lean manufacturing as preached by Taiichi Ohno, the original developer of the Toyota Production System.  But there was a glitch.  One of the class attendees couldn’t read and she would have been lost in a training program which involved reading slides.

So we altered the program to make it a problem solving class and it has evolved to the very successful program that we see today.  In one audit of the program, the results for 23 companies and 200 ideas, the average ROI on the ideas was 38 to 1 not the targeted 50 to 1.  SEE RESULTS.

Len Bertain and Craig Humphreys got together and figured out how to bring the “5/67 Problems Solving” program to the Internet as an interactive training program.  Using state of the art secure, video teleconferencing technology and social media tools, they have configured a program that:

  • Allows remote users to participate;
  • Tracks employee progress;
  • Stores all documents created for easy reference;
  • Records all video sessions and stores them for review by participants and their bosses;
  • Uses facilitators sessions to advance the participants’ understanding of the problem;
  • Tracks the progress of the solution over the year after its successful implementation.

Len and Craig are pleased to answer any questions you might have at:

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