Why would you want to use High ROI Problem Solving to Maximize Business Results?…Why not?

Internet Problem Solving

Problems abound in every company.  But what do you do about them?  Do your employees know how to solve problems when they identify one.  If so, would they know how to begin the process of solving it?   But more importantly, do employees know how to think of problems in terms of the contribution to Margin?  Do they think in terms of High ROI and urgency?

Executive Level Training

Every executive needs to know how to solve problems.  There are lots of ways to approach any problem but does your outcome lead to a high ROI Solution?  It should.  That should be a requirement of every solution in your company.  Wouldn’t it be great if your Executive Team and all your managers thought about problems in terms of high ROI Solutions?

Executive Coaching

C-level executives sometimes need help to manage their companies.  Our experience tells us that CEOs are swamped with problems.  Solving them is an art and some are born with it.  If you are not one of those people, you can be coached to learn the art of Problem Solving with a focus on High ROI.  And then you can show your staff how to do it.  And be a hero in the process.

How do you do High ROI World Class Problem Solving? How does it help your business maximize profits?

1. Begin with a Scientific Attitude – No Blame

The best management seeks improvement without reprisal for past errors.  This is a mandate in our World Class Problem Solving approach.  Only in this environment are ideas freely generated and proposed. And leads to High ROI solutions.  Responsibility for an existing problem does not matter.

2. Scientific Method – Define the Problem and Gather Data

Most business problems are poorly defined.

The 5/67 Problem Solving approach uses the Scientific Paradigm.  This focus requires a clear definition of a problem and a steadfast commitment to obtain all data that is relevant to the problem.

Analysis prior to a good Definition and Measurement phase is not just mandatory, anything else is just Guessing and Hoping (i.e. Intuition).

3. Solution Design

We are a problem solving business.  We use a variety of different tools to solve problems, not a fixed approach like Lean Thinking or 6 Sigma.

Our primary focus is 5/67 Thinking, which uses 5% of available resources to get 67% of the possible benefit.  I.e. the efficient and high ROI solution.

While we started as Toyota Production System experts, we apply a variety of techniques to solve problems.  When a problem is well-defined and relevant measurements are properly obtained, designing a solution to the problem is the creative and fun part of this method.  Analytics, business expertise, experience, and ideas from throughout an organization contribute to excellent solutions.

4. Execution

Every executive and venture capitalist knows that good ideas and good people are not enough.

Projects must be executed well.  Some of our clients are good at this, others not so much.

Our 5/67 Problem Solving approach ensures that project execution targets the 5% of effort that gives 67% of the results.  To do this you need clear Problem Definitions, Measurements, and Solution Designs.  We are experts at this process.

What Services do we offer?

World Class Problem Solving Internet System

  • Facilitated on-line High ROI problem solving sessions
  • 4 to 6 employees work through a problem using our proprietary process
  • 6 video facilitation sessions with one of our skilled problem solver facilitators
  • Present solution to project Champion or CEO
  • All sessions recorded and stored in a secure storage location for later viewing
  • Contact us at: info@ewaronwaste.com

Executive On-Site Training Workshops

  • World Class Problem Solving training workshop at your facility
  • Teaches Executive and Leaders on the best way to solve problems
  • Learn critical concepts such as No Blame, 5/67 Thinking, Core Competencies and Key Business Processes
  • Solve actual problems during the workshop
  • Contact us for more information:   info@ewaronwaste.com

Executive Coaching

  • Coach and counsel C-level executives to raise their performance and the performance of their team
  • Teach executives how to identify, classify, and approach all types of problems.
  • Our problem-solving techniques yield 50:1 ROI or better
  • Coaching scheduling and support is as-scheduled, customized for your company’s needs
  • Contact us for more information at: info@ewaronwaste.com

Professional Speaking

  • Craig and Len are available for speaking engagements
  • Suitable for entrepreneurs, executives, and all business leaders
  • Very positive reviews from our lively and interactive presentations
  • Wide variety of audiences from the Fortune 100 and college business schools
  • Contact us for more information at: info@ewaronwaste.com